OO Gauge Wagons

Get great deals on OO Gauge Wagons online. All good quality and from UK based sellers! Massive range available to buy now and have delivered to your door in double quick time! If an item you are looking for is not shown below, please enter your requirements in to our Search box.

Lima OO GWR 12 Ton 7 plank open freight wagon 305616 FNQHobbys W390 £7.82

Lima OO BP Chemicals Bulk salt 4 wheel hopper freight wagon FNQHobbys W393 £11.74

Hornby R6365 RailRoad Breakdown Train 20 Ton Brake Van Crane LWB Open 00 £35.36

Replica Railways OO Gauge Hopper GLW £9.81

Replica Railways OO Gauge 7 Plank Wagon Renwick Wilton Co £9.81

Lima OO Vat 69 Scotch Whisky Malt Grain freight wagon 305650 FNQHobbys W396 £8.31

Hornby Dublo OO Gauge 8 Ton Cattle Van £4.99

Hornby dublo guards van £2.50

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